The Story of Eilon Mosaics Company a Contributor to the Community and the Environment

Eilon Mosaics was founded in 1959 at Kibbutz Eilon, located in Israel's northern border. The company specializes in creating handmade artistic mosaics.

Eilon Mosaics preserve in its artwork ancient techniques, which we learned by making replicas of a few of the most beautiful mosaics discovered across Israel. From cutting the stone to choosing the perfect location, we put thought and feeling in our work, transforming Eilon Mosaic's artworks into unique and immaculate masterpieces.   

Among hundreds of our clients, you can find government institutions, synagogues, museums, hotels, private homes, offices, lobbies, residential buildings, and public areas. Our unique artworks decorate Beit HaNassi, the Knesset and dozens of embassies around the world.



The company seeks to increase its number of employees from Kibbutzim and settlements along Route 899 (the North's main highway). Throughout 2014-2015, the number of employees in the company has increased by approximately 30%. The company hires people from varied populations - men and women of all ages and from all sectors. Rachel, one of the company's employees is after retirement, yet at just over 70 years old, she has been working for the company for over 30 years.

The company also hires people with disabilities, for example - women with mental disorders, in coordination with Halev Organization.  

In collaboration with Beit Hanassi we had created a spectacular mosaic with the participation of female artists and girls with special needs from Horsha School in the Western Galilee (school for children and youths with a communication disorder and autism). The artwork was given as a gift by the former president, Mr. Shimon Peres, to Pope Francis when he visited Israel.   

During the Good Deeds Day, the company employees arrived at Horsha School, a school for children with a communication disorder and autism, to volunteer. With a shared activity of art making the company employees and the students prepared a mosaic sign. Exploring this unique process has greatly contributed the students and allowed them to experience something different that is beyond their routine and everyday activities.

The plant promotes acquisitions of Israeli products. The company products are made in Israel and are labeled as such. 


The company CEO, Aviv Katz: "From ancient days Israel served as a center for the art of Mosaics. In public and in private religious buildings mosaics symbolized wealth and prosperity and gave additional meaning to Israel's natural colors". 

Over 55 years, Eilon Mosaics has been creating quality hand-made mosaic masterpieces, making sure to support and assume active environmental responsibility with maximum use of material, conservation, and recycling, such as reusing building waste for art. Our goal is to retain our employees and recruit additional ones of all ages and from all sectors. It is our desire to support the periphery community, often out of social considerations and not solely business-related ones. Additionally, we constantly invest in planning and improving our work environment in favor of our employees, for their comfort and welfare, and in favor of the community around us near the northern border".   

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