Made in Israel Portal

Welcome to the Northern White and Blue Portal!

This Portal is an online catalogue of White and Blue manufacturers and products which are found in Northern Israel (North of Hadera).
The purpose of this Portal is to assist in the marketing of Israeli industry in the North and to serve as an address for consumers wishing to purchase Israeli made products.  We do this with the belief that strengthening local industry will in turn strengthen the Israeli economy in general and the Northern economy in particular.
This site was specifically constructed for purchasing managers, wholesalers and large buyers; however, it can also be used by the occasional individual consumer.  This web site allows searching for companies or products according to several search criteria.  In the catalogue, each company has its own individual web site which describes its services and products.  These sites can be reached via general search engines, however, by searching our site your are ensuring that you conduct business with Northern companies, and more importantly, buy Blue and White products!
This is a free service to factories and companies who are members of the Northern branch of the Manufacturers Association.
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