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Manufacturers Association

About Haifa and Northern Branch

The MAI’s Haifa and Northern Branch represents and serves industrial plants located in the greater Haifa area and the north of Israel, and which account for approximately one-third of the country’s industrial force. The MAI has set itself the goal of promoting the status of industry in this region and is working towards planning and designing an attractive and supportive environment that will serve as fertile ground for establishing and developing industrial plants.

The Haifa and Northern Branch of the MAI was established more than 70 years’ ago by the founders of industry in the area. It is a professional and accessible address for the hundreds of MAI members in the north, who employ around 150,000 workers, comprising about 60% of the industrial work force in the north.

The Manufacturers Association of Israel – Northern Branch operates regional committees such as "Blue & white" committee whose focus is encouraging Israeli customize, inspired by "Buy Israeli Product". The "Industry community relations" committee subjects voluntary projects in order to increase community awareness to industry and encourage Responsible Care among Manufacturers . All committees members are high position industry managers devoting their time and energy for essential value projects.

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