Palram Applications Ltd

Description of activity

Palram Applications Ltd is a designing, developing, manufacturing, and marketing arm of Palram Industries that is focused on creating new and innovative finished products. Palram Applications intended to exploit the use of Palram's core thermoplastic products, adding value to those core products in the process. Integration of high quality materials and spectrum of technologies are Palram Applications' ingredients to create valuable products for the needs of the DIY end-users and distributors. Obligated to short delivery times, quality products and excellent service, Palram Applications already took a leading position in the worldwide hobby greenhouses and gardening market. Its innovative nature brings to markets many new ideas and concepts each year. Canopy & Awnings, Carports, Solar Products and Roofing Solutions are some of the categories which Palram Applications brings its unique added value to the market.

פלרם אפליקציות בע"מ

Palram Applications Ltd


Teradion Ind. Park, M.P. Misgav, P.O.B. 53, Israel

Zip:   20174

Palram Applications Ltd


Infrastructure construction and consumption products


Gardening DIY Do-It-Yourself Polycarbonate Aluminum Outdoor

Key Practice Areas:   

Greenhouses Gardeining Carports Patio Covering Canopy Solar


Lower Galilee

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