Mapal Green Energy Ltd.

Mapal Green Energy Ltd. is a technology provider with process engineering design and support capabilities.

Mapal has developed an innovative, patented and cost-effective Floating Fine Bubble Aeration (FFBA) system which is designed to deliver efficient aeration in wastewater treatment lagoons and in biological reactors at every scale of operation.

The FFBA system can be implemented during design and construction of wastewater treatment plants or to upgrade existing works by replacing the mechanical surface aerators (fixed or floating). 

The unique and patented design of the system means there are no moving parts in the water thus lowering the energy consumption and reducing the O&M costs by up to 70%. There is no down time required during installation and no process interruption. 
Mapal's FFBA technology has been proven in more than 35 WWTPs worldwide including sites run by Anglian Water, United Utilities and Thames Water in the UK.


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Mapal Green Energy Ltd.


Metal industry, electricity and infrastructure


Fine bubble aeration, Aeration, Reactor upgrade, Wastewater treatment, Energy saving

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Desigin, manufacture and install custom-made floating fine bubble aeration systems for WWTPs


Haifa Area

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