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Floris is a manufacturer of pharmaceutical products, food supplements and dermo-cosmetics for the private label market as well as contract manufacturing for companies engaged in these fields worldwide.

Floris is committed to providing quality, flexibility and responding quickly to customer needs, with the goal of enabling our customers to do more. To achieve this target, Floris has an experienced R&D team, an array of production lines, and production processes that comply with the strict international standards such as GMP, ISO 9001 2008, ISO 22000 and ISO 22716. 

Floris is currently implementing additional international standards, including ISO 13845. Floris products are also approved by various kosher certification organizations. Floris operates three production units: pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and food. The pharmaceutical unit produces OTC drugs, including antiseptics and galenics. The cosmetic unit produces, among other products, dermo-cosmetic creams, ointments and liquids. The food unit produces many products in various forms such as tablets, chewing tablets, capsules, liquids, syrups, powders, jellies and chocolate coins. Quality control on the product produced by all three units is performed by the Floris laboratory, in keeping with the strict requirements of international standards.
Over the years, Floris has developed many products, acquired the activity of well known brands such as Hadas and become the leading subcontractor in Israel, particularly for pharmaceutical companies. Dexon, Dr. Fischer, Super-Pharm (Life Professional), Maccabi Care and others form the impressive Floris customer base. Outside of Israel, Floris customers include Ferring, Urgo (Humex Fournier group), Teva Hungary and many others. Floris was founded in 1986 by Raphael and Jonathan Ben Shimon, two pharmacists who emigrated from France to Israel. The Floris R&D and Production units are headquartered in Israel. Through its hard work and commitment to quality, Floris has become the leading company in Israel for the production of vitamins and nutritional supplements. In 2004, Albaad Massuot Itzhak acquired a 50% stake in the company. As the global leading provider of wet wipes, Albaad Massuot Itzhak brings to the company extensive know-how that contributes to the worldwide Floris expansion. The experienced R&D team and modern management, as well as innovative production processes that comply with strict standards - all allow us to enable our customers worldwide to extend their ability, and increase their turnover and profit. This is our overriding purpose, and it is what we aim for every day. We look forward to surprising our customers again and again, giving them the options they need to penetrate new markets and offer new high-quality products and solutions worldwide.


Ben Shimon Floris Ltd


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Ben Shimon Floris Ltd


Pharmaceutical Chemistry


Pharma, VMS, Vitamins, Food Supplements, Cosmetics, Dermo-cosmetic, dermocosmetics, Cosmeceuticals, Herbalis, Regyon, Chizukit, Hizukit, Actiplus, Das

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Manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceuticals, vitamins and cosmetics.


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