Blue and White products are known for their quality and are highly appreciated all over the world.  Evidence of this fact is that Israel exports 40% of its locally made products.   Israeli made products have many advantages, some of which are: quality, adhering to Israeli manufacturing standards, fitting the Israeli culture and environment, availability, warranty and service.

When you purchase a Blue and White product you support Israeli industry, employment and the strengthening the economy.  Buying Blue and White is in your best interest, my best interest, and an investment in our futures.
The Blue and White Committee, working within the framework of the Northern branch of the Manufacturers Association, has set a goal to promote Israeli made goods amongst plant purchase managers, the public sector and the Israeli public.

It is with the greatest pleasure that I present to you the Made in Israel Portal for the products of factories in the North.  The Portal was initiated and funded by the Haifa and Northern Branch of the Israeli Manufacturers Association, and its planning began during the global recession which also affected out local industry. 

The purpose of the Portal is to serve as an accessible tool for purchasing managers looking for products made by local industry.  I hope that we shall be able to set up such a Portal for other peripheral areas in Israel as well. 

Manufacturers Association, Haifa & Northern Branch

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